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Care and Cleaning Instructions for 3M™ Window Films

  1. Care must be taken not to scratch the film, do not use bristle brushes or abrasive cleaning materials.
  2. Common window cleaning solutions, such as Windex, are Recommended.
  3. A soft cloth or clean synthetic sponge is recommended for washing. Do not use the same towel or sponge for wiping sills or frames. Paper towels or newspapers not recommended.
  4. A soft squeegee is recommended for removal of cleaning solution from the film.
  5. Do not apply heavy pressure in any cleaning operation.
  6. TIPS:
  • Additional caution is recommended when cleaning spliced areas. Clean in the direction of the splice.
  • Do not leave the film wet.
  • Make sure you use a different sponge, cleaning cloth and water bucket for cleaning the outside and the inside of the windows.
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